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Corporate restructuring services

When it is no longer business as usual, stressed companies must act quickly and decisively to avoid critical complications. Companies often face various needs for corporate restructuring and encounter unique challenges to achieve the desired end results, whether it is for long term development, liquidity, sustainability or providing a competitive edge in the market. An evolving regulatory landscape with unforeseen tax implications would necessitate the need for an experienced and tailored approach to take advantage of transaction opportunities and reduce exposure to risk.


Early intervention is essential if underperforming businesses are to avoid severe damage to their operations and reputations. Prevention involves promptly establishing the right priorities for preserving and enhancing value. At Ploutos, our work involves helping management to stabilize the business, reorganize borrowings, rebuild performance, enhance profitability and build a stable platform for sustainable growth. Our restructuring professionals draw on a portfolio of financial, operational and management experience.

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